Island Transporter provides comfortable air conditioned transfers between the Honolulu International Airport and Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Please use your BYU-Hawaii promo code when making a reservation.

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    The Coconut Express rate for students and their families is $50 per person plus tax, and is valid for transfers between the Honolulu International Airport and BYU Hawaii during designated dates at the beginning and end of each semester or term.

    A special discounted rate of $105 plus tax is also available for those whose travel plans fall outside of the designated shuttle dates and times.

    All pickups scheduled after 10:00 pm may be assessed the higher rate. There are NO REFUNDS for cancellations. Once an order is placed and payment received, you will automatically be charged whether or not the service is used. Drop off to locations other than BYU-Hawaii Campus will be charged a $10 fee.


    Departing shuttles should be scheduled at least three hours prior to flight time. All students will be picked up at the BYUH Little Circle. You should plan on arriving at the pickup point no later than 15 minutes prior to departure to allow ample time for loading the vehicle. The shuttle will leave on time.

    DO NOT BE LATE! If you miss it, you will be required to wait until the next scheduled shuttle or pay a higher rate of $120 plus tax for a special vehicle to pick you up, if one is available.

    International Arrivals

    International students who do not have access to a credit card should contact Island Transporter directly by phone or email to place their reservation. The online booking system will not allow you to make a reservation without a valid credit card. After going through Immigration and Customs at the airport, go out the Exit on your right and look for a person wearing a BYUH t-shirt. If you do not see anyone, take a seat on the chairs just inside the terminal and wait until our representative contacts you.

    Do NOT cross the road to the taxi and shuttle bus area! If you cannot find the Island Transporter van or car or if you have any problems, you should call Island Transporter at (808) 293-5877 between 8 AM and 7 PM daily. The cost of using a public telephone is 50 cents. If you do not have change, you can change $1 USD or $5 USD in the change machine by the public telephones in the International Exit waiting area outside of customs.

    If you are certain that you might be in desperate circumstances, there is an Information Desk located on the right as you exit customs. Let the customer service person know that you are looking for an Island Transporter representative and ask them for assistance by calling (808) 293-5877.

    US Mainland & Hawaii Arrivals

    When you arrive at the airport continue on to your baggage claim area to collect your luggage. After you have claimed your luggage , you should walk immediately to your designated pickup areas. If you have a cell phone, please remember to turn it on as soon as you leave the aircraft so that we can locate you easily if you become lost. For Inter-Island flights and for Hawaiian Airlines: Inside the terminal at baggage claim B1. For all other flights: Inside the terminal at Baggage Claim G5 – look for green picnic tables inside a white fenced area.

    We are sometimes able to provide additional shuttles to accommodate changes in airline arrival schedules. Please remember to turn on your cell phone as soon as you exit your aircraft in case we need to contact you with further directions or inform you of changes to your pickup time. If you don’t have a cell phone, simply wait in your designated pickup area until a greeter comes to get you.

    As flight arrival times will vary from their original booking, students will be accommodated on the first available shuttle. Island Transporter will contact you by text or phone call to advise you of your approximate pickup time after you arrive. If you would like to confirm your arrival or if you are unable to locate your airport greeter, please call (808) 293-5877. The office is open daily between 8am and 7pm. Call (808)347-2352 in an emergency situation, or if you are unable to reach anyone on the Island Transporter line after hours. Your driver will drop you off at your Hale or at off campus homes located in Laie or Hauula. (Drop off to Kahuku maybe charged an additional $10 due to distance)


    You are allowed to bring 2 suitcases and 2 small carry-ons. There is a fee of $15 for any extra pieces of luggage. If you are planning to bring any oversized or overweight pieces of luggage including bikes or surfboards, please let your reservationist know at the time of the booking.

    We will try to accommodate your request. Please note that luggage space is limited and if we do not have the appropriate vehicle for your larger items, you will be required to find an alternate form of transportation. No refunds will apply.

    Dates & Times

    SHUTTLE DATES & TIMES 2014-2015

      Airport Shuttle Services


      Winter Departures

      April 15th - 20th

      Summer 1 Arrivals

      April 23rd - 27th

      Summer 1 Departures

      Fall Arrivals

      Fall Departures

      Winter Arrivals

      June 12th - 15th

      July 30th - 3rd

      Oct 29th - Nov 3rd

      Nov 4th - Nov 9th


      You should book your pickup time according to the following schedules. If you designate a different time than the one listed, we will assign you to the first available shuttle.

      BYUH Departures

      Airport Arrivals


      8:00 am

      9:00 am

      11:00 am

      1:00 pm

      3:00 pm

      4:30 pm

      6:00 pm

      7:30 pm

      8:00 pm

      10:30 pm

      A special discounted rate of $115.8 plus tax may be available for other dates and times. Regular rate $55.50 plus tax. Please call Island Transporter at (808) 293-5877 for further information.


    Contact Us

    P.O. Box 374 Laie, HI 96762. Phone: (808) 293-5877
    Fax: (808) 293-5807